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Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food for Small Breed Puppies, Chicken and Oatmeal Recipe, 6-Pound Bag

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Brand: Blue Buffalo


  • Puppies love our tasty chicken, and it provides them with essential amino acids they need every day.
  • Wholesome Whole Grains
  • Healthy Garden Veggies

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Details: Having a natural food mixture in a dog food is healthy for any dog. However, special puppy mixtures of dog food are necessary because puppies, especially young ones, need food they can digest easily. Dogs are pretty narrow-minded as it is when it comes to food, wolfing down anything in sight instead of eating slowly and properly. Puppies are just as bad, and can easily choke on adult dog food.
Blue Buffalo Chicken & Oatmeal Small Breed Puppy choice is a perfect solution to the above problem.
Mixed with natural protein meat as well as fiber from oatmeal, Blue Buffalo's puppy mixture helps provide young small dogs instant energy, fiber and nutrients they need for their fast growth spurt. Within 6 months a puppy and triple or quadruple in size, so a proper puppy mix is critical for those early days of growth spurts. Blue Buffalo's Small Breed Puppy Mix is perfect for poodles, pugs, chows, schnauzers, jack russels, corgis and more. The puppy of any of these breeds and more will benefit greatly from Blue Buffalo's dog food products. So for those who want a quality food source for their small breed puppy, Blue Buffalo's food provides:
A hearty chicken, oatmeal and nutrition mix that will help puppies grow fast.
A natural food choice that avoids fillers and additives that create health risks in growing dogs.
A tasty food product that puppies will immediately love and eat regularly.

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