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ROYAL CANIN Feline Calm Dry (8.8 lb)

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Brand: Royal Canin


  • A peptide from milk Alpha-casozepine this molecule has proven to have a number of behavioral changes in Cats that causes them to React better to strangers, Behavior cause by fear, and other Clinical signs
  • L-tryptophan an amino acid that creates a sense of well-being in pets
  • Nicotinamide Contains Vitamin B3 which gives relaxing and anti-anxiety effects to the central nervous system. creating a calming effect
  • Additional benefits such as Skin Function from amino acids and vitamins, Supports Digestive Function from proteins and chicory and beef pulp are a great source of fiber

Legal Disclaimer: By Purchasing this item you agree this product was recommended by your vet care provider. Please note: After placing order, send us an email providing us with a copy of Rx and/or veterinary clinic full name and address. Thank you!

Details: Sometimes everyday life can be very difficult to handle for our pets. When our pets are dealing with considerable amounts of stress from environmental changes or stress and anxiety from hospitalization. We can help our cats in these times of need, by feeding them Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Dry Cat food formula.

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