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Royal Canin Health Nutrition Indoor +7 Cat Food 1.5kg

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Brand: Royal Canin


  • size: 3.3 pounds

Details: Complete pet food for the well-being of cats over the age of 7 living indoors. Previously known as Indoor Mature. When a cat gets older she can loose her appetite, because of dental problems and a poorer sense of smell. The effects of ageing become apparent especially in terms of function of the kidney, joint, immune and digestive systems. Royal canin Indoor Mature helps to maintain vitality with age thanks to a combination of anti-oxidants. Reduced levels of phosphorus and sodium help to maintain kidney function, while glucosamine, chondroitin and Omega 3 help ensure mobility. Reduces faecal smell; a high L.I.P protein content reduces fermentable residues in the intestine. Adapted to the teeth of cats over the age of 7, with softer and more palatable kibbles to make up for the cat's loss of appetite. Category - Royal Canin Indoor Foods.

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